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Southern Association

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Feature Members

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We are hoping to have feature members on a regular basis.  This for anyone who is a member of the Southern Association who has accomplished something others might like to know about.  Please contact Randy, Stan or Kelly if you would like to see someone featured.

Club:  Hands of Stone
Coach:  Kevin "The Hammer Jack" Allen
Age:  11                Weight:  85
Lives:  On Battle Road
Began Boxing:  At age 10
Draw to Boxing:  Likes to fight
Loves Most About Boxing:  Winning
Best Boxing Memory:  National's in Tennessee 
Interests & Hobbies Out of the Ring:  Playing football
Person Most Admired:  Father, Mother & Coach
Goals In & Out of the Ring:  To be a World Champion and to help others
Career Highlights:  First win - Golden Gloves, Silver Gloves & Natioanls



Club:  Pearl Boxing Club
Coach:  Richard Archer
Age:  14          Weight:  114
Lives:  Pearl, MS
Began Boxing:  January, 2000
Draw to Boxing:  I like the competition and I like to push myself
Loves Most About Boxing:  Competing with other guys
Best Boxing Memory:  The first time I won Regional Silver Gloves
Intersets & Hobbies Out of the Ring:  Hunting & Fishing
Person Most Admired:  Myself for my accomplishments & my Papaw/Coach for helping me acheive them.  (Famous person:  Sugar Ray Leonard)
Goals In & Out of the Ring:  To be on the 2012 Olympic Team and to be the best person I can be.
Career Highlights:  Winning National Junior Golden Gloves, World Ringside & National Silver Gloves.  Being on Team USA for the Aliyev Cup in Azerbaijan  May, 2007.

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