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Southern Association

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President Randy Richard Recovering
After spending almost three weeks in the hospital due to a camping accident Randy was released on Thursday.  He is still in need of our prayers, as is his family, while he continues to recover.  (04/17/2007)

Southern Association Members on Team USA  
After winning the 2007 National Silver Gloves, Brian Nichols of the Pearl Boxing Club was chosen to represent Team USA in the 2007 Aliyev Cup Championships 15-16 / 114# division.  Later,  Randy Richard was chosen by USA Boxing as the Team Official.  (Unfortuantly, due to his accident, Randy will be unable to make the trip.)  Brian will travel to Baku, Azerbaijan on May 6, 2007 for a seven day competion that will consist of atleast 13 countries.  This is a very exciting time for not only Brian, but also for our entire association.  Don't forget the congratulations when you see them.  (04/17/2007)

Mid-South Golden Gloves Team
106#    Henry Clay            LA
112#    William Adams       AR
119#    Kenny Anthony      TN
125#    Rheno Nieto           MS
132#    Darryl Nichols        MS
141#    Rashad Ganaway   AR
152#    Anthony Campbell  TN
165#    Jonathan Nelson    AR
178#    Gevonte Davis       MS
201#    Randy Johnson     AR
201+#  Jonathan Guirdy    LA
Coaches & Officials
Stan Nichols          Warren Migues
Ray Paxton            Beau Williford
Richard Archer      Sparky McDuffie
John Bryant           Lisa Bryant
Curtis Johnson       Jody Gauthier
**Open Team Trophy - Mississippi**
**Outstanding Boxer - Jonathan Guirdy
- Louisiana**




Int. – 119#            Kaylyn Karnousky               Youngsville Boxing Club

Int. – 125#            Kaysean Clavelle                  Youngsville Boxing Club

Int. – 165#            Amy Hughes                         Youngsville Boxing Club

Sen. – 132#          Crysean Clavelle                    Youngsville Boxing Club



Int. – 80#            Cory Soileau                             Frog Capital Boxing Club

Int. – 90#            Jerry Lawton                             Hub-City Boxing Club

Int. – 95#            Dylon Hollier                            Tony’s Boxing

Int. – 101#          Jinsel Leblanc                           Backstreet Boxing Club

Int. – 106#           Kody Downs                            Pensacola Boxing Academy

Int. – 110#           Scott Gibbons                          Unattached

Int. – 114#           Michael Kelley                         Pearl Boxing Club

Int. – 132#          Brandon Evans                         Hands of Stone Boxing Club

Int. – 145#          Junior Avalos                           Gulfport Boxing Club

Int. – 154#          Alex Taliaferro                          Southside Boxing Club

Sen. – 90#           Larry Downs                             Pensacola Boxing Academy

Sen. – 119#         Brian Nichols                            Pearl Boxing Club

Sen. – 125#         Donald Belcher                         Pensacola Boxing Academy

Sen. – 132#         Joe Almanza                              Ragin’ Cajun Boxing Club

Sen. – 145#         Dennis Williams                       West Monroe Boxing Club

Sen. – 154#         Malik Bazille                              Baton Rouge Boxing Club

Sen. – 165#        William Crittenden                     Gulfport Boxing Club

Sen. – 176#        David Galmore                            Lake Charles A. B. C.

Sen. – 201+#      Joseph Goodie                           Backstreet Boxing Club



106#                  Henry Clay                                     Backstreet Boxing Club

119#                  Darryl Nichols                               Pearl Boxing Club

125#                  Rheno Nieto                                  Gulfport Boxing Club

132#                  Mason Menard                             Frog Capital Boxing Club

141#                  Casey Adams                                Larose Boxing Club

152#                  Jared Leblanc                                 Ragin’ Cajun Boxing Club

165#                  Chad Trahan                                  Ragin’ Cajun Boxing Club

178#                  Gevonte Davis                               Gulfport Boxing Club

201#                  Quantis Graves                              Larose Boxing Club

201+#                Francisco Moncivais                    Laurel


J.O. Team Coach                                      Warren Migues

Open Team Coach                                    Beau Williford








Quantis Graves goes to Olympic Training Center
Quantis Graves (above) of the LaRose Boxing Club recently spent a week training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  Running, polymetrics and interval training are a few of the things Quantis was most impressed with.  He says it was a wonderful experience and the beginning of greater things.

The Golden Gloves Team will leave on Sunday, April 29, 2007 to compete in the National Golden Gloves in Chattanooga, TN.  Good luck to everyone!!! (04/25/2007)

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